Building Regulation Consent

Once we have achieved town planning permission, the drawings must be developed into the building plans. These contain all the details of the materials that will be used and the precise methods of construction. These drawings will be sufficiently detailed for the building contractors to provide you with an accurate quote. And subsequently, once you have chosen a construction company, the same plans will be used for them to build from.

The drawings will be updated to include sections and details to show compliance with all the relevant approved documents of the Building Regulations.

The Building Regulations are prescriptive in so far as they state what is required, but not necessarily how to achieve it. So, whilst the plans show the most cost-effective method, you could choose an alternative at any stage if you so choose.

A architect drawing ofbeams running through a property.
A two storey side extension with a garage on a semi-detatched house.

If the tendering builders have any queries, we are always available to answer their questions. This might be during the tendering process or at any point during the construction phase.

Building Regulations in West Sussex

If you are thinking about making improvements to your home, then we’d love to hear from you. Not only can we design your perfect house extension, but we can help with town planning permission and building regulations.

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