Sometimes loft spaces do not lend themselves well to loft conversions because they’re too low to achieve the required headroom. If the street scene allows, it’s worth considering ‘raise the ridge’ loft extension (sometimes known as a ‘roof lift’). Quite simply, this involves raising the height of the ridge of the roof to create a greater interior height.

The nature of this type of conversion will depend entirely on the structure and layout of your existing space. But as experienced professionals, we will be able to survey your home and guide you towards the best possible solution.

One small downside to a ‘raise the ridge’ loft conversion is that it will definitely require Town Planning consent. But this shouldn’t put you off. We’ll be able to assess all the parameters and offer our expert advice.

A CGi drawing of a house Loft extension with solar panels on pitched roof.
A CGi drawing of a house Loft extension with solar panels on pitched roof.

3D Visualisations

With this level of change, the Town Planning department will almost certainly ask for a street scene 3D visualisation. This is a service that we can provide for you to help the process move along more smoothly. It’s also great for you to be able to visualise what your new loft conversion will look like.

The 3D renders are accurately created from the technical drawings that we create using CGI visualisation software. The example you can see here is a loft conversion and 2nd floor rear extension on a typical wide Victorian double-fronted villa.

Loft Extensions in West Sussex & Surrey

We are based in Chichester, but we offer our services throughout West Sussex and most of Surrey and Hampshire. So, if you have unused loft space and would like to make more use of it, then get in touch today. We’d love to hear your ideas and help you create your dream home. Call us on 07764 578781 or send us a message.