Loft Conversion Dormers, simply put, are flat roofed structures that extend from a pitched roof. They are usually flat roofed as they cannot be higher than the original ridge line. They are a very cost-effective way make a loft space more useable. The pitched loft space is usually too low to be able to stand up anywhere other than the middle. By adding a dormer, you create more head space and, as such, significantly increase the amount of useable floorspace.

This project is an example of one of the easiest loft conversions to achieve. In order to make space for a large bedroom with an ensuite, we only need to add a rear dormer. Access to the new loft space is via a new staircase that was constructed to match the flow and style of the existing one.

Bedroom with featured wallpaper, grey carpet and three windows in a mid terrace rear dormer.
Rear view of a property before a dormer extension.
Mid Terrace Rear Dormer – Before
Rear view of a property after a dormer extension.
Mid Terrace Rear Dormer – After
Staircase leading up to a newly built rear dormer extension.
Staircase to the New Dormer
A property showing hip end roof to half gable with rear dormer.

Planning Permission and Permitted Development

There are three basic house types: terraced, semi-detached and detached. Loft conversions on terrace & semi-detached usually fall with Permitted Development limits. The criteria for Permitted Developments is 40m3 for a terrace or end of terrace and 50m3 for semi-detached and detached.

Detached houses often have roofs that slope on all sides. Therefore, creating a good-sized usable space within the roof void requires changes to the slopes on more than one side. This normally pushes the increased volume beyond the 50m3 threshold, therefore making Town Planning Consent a requirement.

Building Regulations & Building Control

All loft conversions require Building Regulation consent as they are complex from a structural point of view. Therefore, calculations will be required to justify the design and the new beams. We are suitably qualified and experienced to prepare the necessary structural design calculations. So, you don’t need to appoint a separate structural engineer.

This has two major benefits. Firstly, we will not design something that we can’t justify. And secondly, you won’t have deal with that all too often conflict of ideas between architects and engineers.

Loft Conversion Dormers in Chichester

Loft conversions are a great way to make the most of unused space in your home and create new bedrooms. If you have a suitable loft space and are thinking about converting it the get in touch with us. We’d love to hear your ideas. We are based in Chichester, but we offer our services throughout West Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and parts of South London. Call us on 07764 578781 or send us a message.