There are various ways to extend your home and which you choose is determined by your space and needs. The most common house extensions are single storey rear extensions, side extensions, single, two storey, & 1st floor side extensions. And let’s not forget orangeries and conservatories.

Depending on your choice your house extension may require town planning approval and all will require building regulations consent.

Permitted Development

Depending on the extension size and height, combined with distances from property boundaries, the project may fall within Permitted Development. If your project complies with government legislation, it may not be subject to Local Authority scrutiny.

There is also the ‘Large Scheme Prior Approval’ process which can be used for some single storey extensions. Approval relies heavily on there being no concerns raised by your neighbours, who will be given 42 days to comment. This allows single storey extensions to project into the garden more than the normal Permitted Development. (3m or 4m, depending on house type). However, all other aspects of it have to fall within Permitted Development limits.

Town Planning Permission

If the project is beyond the scope of Permitted Development limits, then a Householder Town Planning Application will be required. This application will have to show compliance with council planning guidance and not attract valid adverse comments from your neighbours.

Building Regulations & Building Control

Building Regulations Consent can be obtained from the Local Authority or an approved inspector. We generally use the same approved inspector for all of our projects. That way we can be confident that any Building Regulation advice given prior to approval will not change during the construction process. It also means that we won’t suffer the problems caused by variations of interpretation that can occur between Local Authorities.