Garden offices are an ideal solution for people who work from home and want to keep their work life separate. We can create you a space that’s uniquely designed for you and your working setup. It can be designed to complement your garden or to stand out as a showpiece.

There are many companies that provide custom fabricated garden buildings in a variety of different colours and finishes. But having your building professionally designed and built will ensure that you get the most out of your garden office.

The garden building may be separate from your house, but there are some important factors you should be aware of…

A garden office in dark grey and timber cladding set at the back of a neatly kept garden.
The interior of a garden office showing a desk with a chair and a bookcase next to a large glass sliding door.

Planning Permission and Permitted Development

Permitted Development rights for detached garden buildings are very generous and normally more than adequate. Simply put, if the whole building is less than 2.5m tall, then you can build it tight to the boundary. However, if it exceeds 2.5m, then it needs to be more than 2m away from the boundary. So, if your building is more than 2.5m and within 2m, then town planning consent is required.

As for the plan area of it, if it is being designed to fall within Permitted Development. The requirement is that the combined footprint area of all the buildings within the property curtilage must not exceed 50% of the plot area. So, it can be quite large, depending on the size of your garden, of course.

There is one caveat, however. The proposed building must be subservient and ancillary to the host dwelling in whose garden it is to be sited. So, if you happen to have a small house in a large plot, you can’t build a garden building that’s compliant with the 50% rule, but larger than the host dwelling.

Building Regulations & Building Control

If the building is less than 30m2 it is normally exempt from Building Regulations approval. So, there is no input required from either the local authority or the approved inspector.

Once you exceed 30m2, then compliance with all Building Regulations is required. Consequently, inspections will be carried out for foundations, structure, thermal performance etc.

This garden office, although quite compact, required planning permission due to the height adjacent to the boundary. Planning permission was granted as it had no adverse effect on any Adjoining Owners

A small wooden clad garden office tucked away at the back of a garden.

Garden Offices in Chichester

Are you thinking about a new garden building for your new home office? Or, indeed, for any other purpose. If so, then we’d love to speak to you. We can design your perfect space and ensure that it is compliant. We are based in Chichester, but cover most of Sussex, Surrey & Hampshire. Call us today on 07764 578781 or send us a message.