Comm1Usually the requirements for commercial extensions and alterations have been the subject of numerous discussions within the business requiring the extension prior to the appointment of a specialist such as myself. Therefore, once the decision to engage me has been made and fees agreed, I will prepare the necessary drawings and Local Authority submissions without delay.

I am able to prepare all necessary documents for all commercial works, from the smallest internal alterations to larger extensions up to an approximate value of £250k.

Extensions to commercial buildings will always require:

Town Planning Consent:

All external alterations and some internal works will require Town Planning Consent. When a proposal affects numbers of employees or the potential to increase the number, the Town Planning will also consider off and on street parking and other issues, which at the first pass may seem unrelated.

Building Regulations Consent:

(If the building has or will need a fire risk assessment there will also be a requirement to include a separate submission to the local fire brigade, for their observations). Building Regulations Consent will also be required for internal alterations that affect the structure or the fire precautions, means of escape etc.

These extensions and alterations may also require:

Party Wall Awards

If the proposal involves excavations within 3 or 6M of a boundary or adjacent property dependent on their depth, or includes works to a Party Wall the requirements of this act will apply. (For more information see the section regarding Party Walls on this web site)