New House, Continuation of Terrace.

We were appointed by the owners who found us via a google search leading them to our website.

A property before it's new extension with a side garage attached and with old window and door frames.
Before Side Extension
Newly built property side extension with rendered concrete walls.
After Side Extension

The clients had recently inherited the adjoining house, with its associated large side space and congregation of garages which they recognised as having development protentional.

To maximise the clients chance of approval the new dwelling was designed to reflect the host dwelling, the side space provided a possibility to increase the width on the ground floor thus enabling a larger kitchen.

The first submission for planning permission was refused due to the Local Authority not being content that the proposal didn’t encroach into their land at the side of the plot, the clients were keen to proceed and not enter protracted legal discussions regarding boundaries so the side projection was reduced in width by 300mm and the Local Authority approved the second submission.

Plans for a property extension.
Proposed Property Extension Plans

An oversized ground floor WC was also added to satisfy planning department requirements for ambulant disabled even though the main front door of this new house designed to match the adjoining properties and is therefore elevated from the pavement and inaccessible to the disabled, however adding the WC enhanced the ground floor layout and was seen as the line of least resistance to an approval.

Side view of a property with attached old garage.
Before Side Extension
Newly built rendered property side extension.
After Side Extension
A property before it's extension with a old garage to the side of the property.
Rear View Before Extension
A property extension rear view of a terrace house.
Rear View After Extension

The house was built fairly soon after permission was granted and has since matured into the street scene and subsequently changed hands a number of times since.

As usual my service included all the Town Planning, Building Regulations and Structural Design which immediately removed any possibility of disagreement between Architects and Engineers and in this case I also prepared the plans for HM Land Registry to enable the plot split into two titles.